I grew up wanting to do what I saw others do around me, to take people out of the world around them and place them in my own. With technology today becoming so advanced and capable of working together, there is a way to exceed what has been done before when it comes to digital entertainment and design, something I show in my work.

While students around me in college were working on game and digital video projects, I was looking at how to use and program technology to take the theme park experience to the next level. From smart interactive queue lines to new ride technologies, I am always looking to push the boundaries.


Creating solutions and enhancing guest experiences using technology requires me to keep up to date in the technology industry as well as how to use that technology. That is why I not only learned how to program but to also design in programs ranging from game engines like UKD to 3D design in Maya and AutoCAD. This makes me a valuable team member who can identify what hardware and software is needed to create a solution that is scalable and as future proof as possible.


Born and raised in Orlando, I spend time going to the theme parks for birthdays and special occasions. I was raised to boot my games in DOS as a kid, and was always wanting to learn about the computer in front of me. In middle school I was learning early HTML and building basic sites to understand how the language worked. At the same time, I was learning how to design levels in games like Doom. I attended the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ for a B.S. in Game Programming, a study that would teach me both programming and design. I later attended the International Academy of Design and Technology for a B.A. in Web Design and Development to help understand both web and mobile design. While attending both universities I concentrated on projects that can benefit the theme park industry.